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TUEBA’s mission is to train high-quality human resources of undergraduates and postgraduates; implement scientific research, technology transfer and international cooperation in the field of economics, business and management to serve the socio-economic development, particularly in the northern midland and mountainous area.

Scientific research at TUEBA has been serving the needs for improving the quality of comprehensive training in order to meet social requirements. In addition, scientific research at TUEBA has been conducted towards the combination of teaching, learning and application of knowledge science into practice. In recent years, scientific research at TUEBA has developed in both quantity and quality.

After over 10 years of construction and development, TUEBA has deployed hundreds of scientific projects of all levels (State-level (Nafosted), Ministerial level, University level, provincial level, local level) and student scientific projects. Besides, TUEBA has carried out research projects funded by the foreign organizations such as POSCO TJ Park Foundation, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), Korean Institute for International Economic Policy (KIEP), Ford Foundation, INSA-ETEA (Spanish organization) and GTZ (German organization).

TUEBA has also organized many domestic and international seminars and conferences, attracting numerous governmental policy making agencies; research institutions, ministries, sectors and experts from countries such as United States, Australia, Belgium, Korea, Philippines, China ... In addition, the staff and faculty at TUEBA have published hundreds of domestic and international articles as well as many textbooks, reference books, monographs written in Vietnamese and English.