12/10/2016 | 1130 views

Along with training, scientific research and technology transfer, international cooperation plays an essential and indispensable role in TUEBA’s development strategies in order to improve the quality of training and scientific research, meeting international standards.

Since TUEBA’s establishment, the leaders have respected the development of international cooperation, considering it as one of the main driving force to create a breakthrough in improving the quality of training and scientific research of the university. TUEBA always strives to develop relationships with international scientific and educational organizations as well as foreign corporations, businesses on the perspective of long-term, reliable and mutually beneficial cooperation. TUEBA’s forms of cooperation with international partners are diversified as cooperation in scientific research and technology transfer; international degree programs; international scientific conferences, exchanges of students, faculty and staff, and  activities of supervising, supporting and upgrading TUEBA’s facilities and equipment…

International cooperation activities in recent years have been continuously expanded and have really gone into depth with many significant achievements, bringing TUEBA with many benefits. For example, professional and foreign language qualifications of the faculty and staff have been enhanced; curriculum content and teaching methods have been renovated in line with the integration process with the countries; TUEBA’s infrastructure and equipment have been strengthened from foreign sources; revenues have been improved.

Up till now, TUEBA’s international cooperation activities have made great progress, having important contributions to admit its prestige, brand name and status in Vietnamese and international educational systems. In other words, international cooperation is one of the most important ways to help TUEBA developed as today.